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Motivational Status:

motivational status
motivational status
motivational status

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time is money and that i am poor

an addict in need will always be in need and an addict in deed will always be used every end could be a new beginning”

“someone without a goal could be a bird without wings

most will hand over not you

“be valuable, not available”

“my phone is usually in my hand, so if you think ignoring yes im “

“Success isn’t owned, it’s rented and also the rent is due each day

“hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring”

“stand back from negative people”

“i’m not perfect but i’m a edition
Balance is a blessing”

“when odds are 1 in a very million, be that 1”

“follow your passion and let your actions bring out the most effective in you”

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“don’t push me, the beast inside me is sleeping not dead”

“people think that they’re ignoring me but actually they’re ignoring me”

“don`t limit your challanges challenge your limits”

“work now and sleep later in your private jet”

“from nothing to something to everything”

“a journey of 1000 miles begins with 1 step”

“end things before they end you”

“seriously it doesn’t matter what they think”

“your goals don’t care about your feelings”

“sometimes you would like to chop world off and stay specialise in your goal”

“follow your passion an let your actions bring out the most effective in you

“darling I chase goals not people”

“they told me you can`t pass this interview. So, I become the boss’

“when its over leave. Don’t continue watering dead flower

“get dependent on most powerful drug within the world money”

“risk is that the payment of success”

“work so hard that in some unspecified time in the future your school will invite you as a chief guest”

‘your parents be praying for your success and you’re here crying for someone who has deleted your number”

“sometimes I save peoples number just to reject their calls”

“topper within the college na na…… topper within the bank balance”

“after I am angry nobody is safe from me, not even me”

“i’ve got many talents but not giving a fuck is best among them”

“don’t touch her bodey until she touches ur heart”

“be willing to speak alone many that started with you wont finish with you”

“the sun is alone too but it still shines”

“change the planet not your dreams”

“exist to be happy, to not impress”

“i used to be raised to treat the janitor with the identical respect because the ceo”

“make it happen shock everyone”

“the more i’m wise the more i’m dangerously awesome beast”

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“alone i’m powerful”

“find real friends and keep them close”

“act as if what you are doing makes a difference it does”

“let ur smile change the planet but don’t let the planet change ur smile”

“you’re never too old to line another goal or to dream a never dream”

“keep going everything you would like will come to you at the proper time”

“love now sometimes later becomes never”

“stars cant shine without darkness”

“push yourself because nobody else goes to try to to it for you”

“warriors don’t seem to be those who always win, but the one that always fight”

“people come and go into your life, but the correct one will stay”

“humour is reason gone mad”

“it takes nothing to affix the group. It takes everything to face alone”

“be mature to simply accept rejection and failures”

“be pleased with yourself because you’re doing all your best”

“the boy in me want you back but the king in me doesn’t give me a fuck”

“you’ll copy me but you’ll never be me”

“be someone who is extremely difficult to switch”

“breathe its just a foul day … not a foul life”

“the best steel has bear the most well liked fire”

“work so hard people think u r crazy”

“don’t ask me for my opinion if you can`t handle the reality. i’m not visiting misinform cause you to feel better”

“some people will only love you as much as they can use you”

“your opinions will never cut me a check “

“i heard you’re a player nice to fulfill you, i’m the coach”

“you vs you mostly be your biggest fight

“i’m bad because I didn’t find good people for help”

keep your struggles private, they’ll know once you have earned shit”

“one small positive thought within the morning can change your whole day”

“your limitation is only your imagination”

“positive mind positive vibes positive life”

“expect more from yourself and fewer from others”

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“when wrong people exit in your life, the correct things automatically will start happen

“happiness isn’t about getting you’d like, it’s about enjoying all you have got got”

“when some people helps you which they’re struggling too, that’s not help which is love

“if you afraid of fail, then you’re likely to fail”

“nobody is coming many|to avoid wasting} lots of you. This life is 100% your responsibility”

“be happy prior individuals who don’t like you, it kills them”

“sometimes you have got have to be compelled to depart , not for ego apart from self respect”

“life isn’t a tragic story. could even be you are looking a foul chapter”

“never let your feelings get too deep. People can change any time”

“tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. If you wish someone tell them today”

“don’t live in the past, it is just like a paying a rent twice”

“embrace the struggle and let it make your stronger. It wont last forever”

“train your mind to be calm in every situation”

“one wrong move and everyone starts judging you “

“positive attitude will always end in positive outcomes”

“never turn over on anything that produces you smile”

“your biggest fear carries your greatest growth”

“your speed doesn’t matter your forward is forward “

“time features some way of showing us what really matters in life”

“i prefer lonliness over fake company”

“keep it private, until its permanent”

“they hurt you and come back to u agian beacuse you are easy to convince”

 “hard times teach us valuable lessons of life”

“If u help someone after they r in trouble….they will remember u only ifthey’re in trouble again

Not everyone is born with motivation. There is a serious flaw in some who believe: “I will do it someday” or “the time is not right” or a classic case of “I can’t do this”. Motivation is the determining factor that turns good thinking into immediate action. Turn a good idea into a business and it can have a positive impact on the world around you.

Without motivation, you cannot achieve anything. There are no goalposts to target or goals to achieve.

Motivation is an important life skill. The reason this is important is that each person on this earth is unique and has a purpose. To successfully manage your goal, you must be motivated to work toward your goals, which helps make your dreams come true. Not only for you, but also for others.

motivational status, motivation status, good thought, beautiful thoughts, personality quotes, reality quotes, regret quotes, nice thoughts

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