100+ Status in English about life – March 2019

Status in English about Life: Hello friends, f you re looking for best status about life then you have come to the correct place. Here in this post w have shared some of the best statuses in English about life like motivational status, one line life status, and many others You can use this status for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram as well as any other where you can share a piece of lines. So simply check all the status and select whichever you like and share it on your status. If you like this status then please comment below about your experience and suggestions.

Status in English about life

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Status in English about life

Don’t Ignore the Effort Of Someone Who Tries to keep in Touch. It’s Not all the time someone cares.

When Things Aren’t + ADDING up in your Life, Start  – SUBTRACTING.


Silence isn’t Empty, It’s Full of Answers.

I’d Rather Look Back at my Life and Say, “I Can’t Belive I Did that”, Instead of Saying “I Wish I Did That.”

Everything Happens For are Reason. That Reason Cause Change. Sometimes it Hurts. Sometimes it’s Hard,  In the End it’s All for the Best.

What’s Broken can be Mended. What Hurts Can be Healed. And No Matter How much Dark It Gets, Sun is Going to Rise Again.

Think Big. Start Small. But Most of All, Start.

I want to live a simple life without stress or worry. I don’t need a lot of stuff. I just want to be happy.

Everyone has untold stories of pain and sadness that make them love and live a little differently that you do. Stop Judging! Instead, try to Understand.

Never let Someone who Has nothing tell you how to do anything.

Listening means taking a second to consider what they’re saying, not just hearing their words.

People will hurt you, God will heal you. People will humiliate you, God will magnify you.  People will judge you, God will justify you. Have Faith.

Courage is Knowing what not to fear.

Be grateful for small things, big things and everything in Between. Count your Blessings, not your problems.

Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. Don’t  judge, so you will cannot be judged. Radiate and give back to you.

We are all broken, that’s how the lights gets in.

To be significant, you first have to be unique and different.

You can hide the pain that you feel and make others believes that you can move –on but you can never deny the truth to Yourself.

One day you will be SUPRISED,  To see yourself smiling at the thought of caring for someone so much, who used to be just an ORDINARY.

Life is too short. Make the most of it. You don’t know when your last day is. Live the way you want to live.

It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes Everything to stand alone.

A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind.

If you’re not going to swim deep with me then get out of my waters.

Hurt someone with the truth, but never make them happy with a lie.

We live in world where things outweigh heart and status outweighs soul. We live in a world where judgments are clouded. Where real doesn’t seem so real anymore.

You Laugh at my Dreams and I laugh at your bank accounts.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then  not an act but a habit.

Dear Me, Don’t get worked up over things you can’t change people you can’t change It’s not worth the anger build up or the headache, Control only what you can. Let it go.

Everything is Temporary just Don’t  take Stress.

Action is not just the effect of motivation but is also the cause of it.

You sleep to see your Dreams I stay Wakeup to work on Mine.

These  programs were never about terrorism , they’re about economic spying, social ,control, and diplomatic , manipulation ,they’re about power.

Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna  get.

No matter what, never bet self respect over emotions.

Don’t change yourself for anybody, If somebody value your change before you trust me it doesn’t worth it.

We must value People’s mind health. If he is behaving bad  there Must be a reason, Nobody borned bad.

Forgive people for what they did to you because you may need someone else forgiveness someday.

Don’t rush, I it’s in your fate, it will come to you anyway.

Do’t be Bad to Others, Bad won’t happen to you.

World Best Feeling is to be loved by the one you love the most.

To everyone reading this right now, I wish you great fortune ahead.

Time never stops for anyone . Moving on is a human nature.

Self care is also not arguing with people who are committed to misunderstanding you.

Beautiful sceneries are the most easy way to peace you heart.

Cry on people who don’t even care should be the last thing you do in your life.

The moment you Realize you lost everything in your life exactly then you have reason to gain what’s lost.

We care so much about what we don’t have instead of enjoying what we already have.

Try to help because they would be grateful more then you for what you have already.

Problems you are going through proves that you are strong enough to live with them.

Don’t try to control things which aren’t in your hand.

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