My husband blindfolded my eyes and made a weird fuck all over Big Black Cock

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Charlotte 2 years ago
I would love to be blindfolded and tied to the bed and then have a load of men walk in and do anything that they wanted I would be soaking wet knowing that they are getting hard looking at my pussy
Smith 2 years ago
Once the same thing i did with my wife
guntur 2 years ago
waaa 2 years ago
This is not the way we fuck otherone wife bro... come one..
trailer trash 2 years ago
just needed sumthn to nut in. smelled horrible.
ralph 5 months ago
I would love to meet her and eat the crab out of her till she comes all over me
ralph 5 months ago
she has an amazing body, that ass is great
Darwin 2 years ago
Any particular reason why one would want to watch and below average looking female riding a below average size dick? Curious where the demand for the stupid shit is coming from
Lilly 1 month ago
My husband thought the black bull he brought home would be a one time thing, sure the guy is a fatty, but that BBC and thick tongue of his have me writhing. Now he sucks the bulls cock to keep him going while he eats me out, my husband hasn't touched me in months. He just gets to watch a few dozen men come over and fuck me raw and fill me up, knowing the babies he is raising aren't his.
Anonyma 2 years ago
Hola Kellenzinha, soy Tatiana desde Colombia, quiero felicitarte y agradecerte, pues te hemos estado siguiendo con mi marido desde hace unos 4 meses, y con tu forma de ser y de vivir nos haz ayudado a ver la vida de una manera diferente y con mente abierta. De hecho mi marido ya me regalo una sorpresa similar, contrató a un chico negro prepago sin que yo lo imaginara, y me hizo el amor delante suyo y me hizo gozar como nunca antes había sentido. Eres mi ídolo un modelo a seguir