Women’s Day Quotes: Fantastic Women’s Day Quotes 2020

Woman’s Day Quotes: Behind every successful woman is herself.

V realize the importance of OUR VOICES only when v r silenced.

Woman’s Day Quotes

U r more powerful dan u know; BEAUTIFUL jst as u r….

A daughter who serves, @ sister who loves, @ mother who bears, @ friend who cares, Best over of love, Life, Frndship & trust, @ picture of poise, strength & grace. @ dreamer achiever, @ winner all long. V celebrate u……

Da readiness 2 listen , da patience 2 understand , da strength 2 support , da heart 2 care & just 2 B der…dis iz da beauty of women… Happy Women’s Day 2 all da lovely ladyzzz !!!

Whn u work vid wiser, more intelligent colleagues, u always prosper…Thnk u, every1, 4r making dis work place @ special 1 for me….Happy Women’s Day!!!

Companies vid women employees have better chances of prosperity @s dey [email protected] perfectionists working 4r dem…Happy Women’s Day!!!

U don’t just work bt @lso inspire…U r da best xample of passion & enthusiasm… Happy Women’s Day

Da softness of ur lips, The fragrance of ur breath ,Da warmth of ur embrace ,Makes being vid u feel like a dream.

Da best medicine in dis world is ur HUG.

My life vidout u is da sky vidout a sun, moon vidout stars, & life vidout happiness.

Happy Women’s Day, sister! I wish u get evrythng in life vch u hope & dream 4r ! Enjoy da day 2 da fullest!

Woman's Day Quotes

Da best thing abt having u as a sistr iz dat I alwys hav a bst frnd.

V r adorable daughters ; V r undrstnding sisters ; V r caring lovers ; V r sweet wives ; V r supportive mothers ; V r a source of luv & support. V r WOMEN…

Women’s Day Quotes

If u could c it 4rm my eyes, u would know u r 1 gem of @ Woman.

U alwys stood by me no [email protected] vat. I jst wnt 2 xpress my gratitude & appreciation 4r evrythng u have done 4r me.

[email protected] Mumma, Y hav raised, taught & protected me right frm da beginning. Thnk u 4r alwys showing & stnding up 4r me….

I feel [email protected] blessed 2 have da best mom in dis wrld who izz @lso an inspirational woman.

Strong women realize der drmzs & women who [email protected] der lives 4r der welfare of der kids r exceptional….

Salute 2 @ woman who izzz @ symbol of courage& a sign of perfection.

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Da fire in @ woman’s heart izz da strongest armor. She [email protected] burn da wrld vid it or [email protected] da [email protected] B an ambitious woman @s always.

Frndship izz da mst wndrful bond & being frndzz vid @ woman izz definitely @ blessing….

U held my hand ven evry1 left, 2 support me & b my strength…

A woman izz 1 of da mst beautiful creations of God. She iz respectful @s a daughter ; caring as @ sister; full of warmth in da 4m of @ frnd.

A woman izz clothed in strength & dignity. She laughs vidout fear of da future.

B @ strong grl who can make it thrgh da worst. Be @ fearless woman who would dare 2 do anything. B @n indpndent [email protected] who can climb ladders of success vidout da support of men. B @ courageous girl who never backs down. Lots of Cheers to you!!!

Woman's Day Quotes

U achieve only success in which u put ur mind 2 … U can dive in2 da deepest ocean & climb da highest mountains…U can bravely face hardships & still be fearless. U r powerful, @[email protected], & thoughtful! 2day iz urs, & so izz every day…

U mst_know dat u can do dis. U r @ strong woman. U will make it. Jst hang on & keep believing in urself, alwys.

“She’s badass vid @ gud heart, soft but strong. Unapologetic & honest. She’s da type of woman u go 2 war beside, da type of woman u marry.” Such an amazing person my sister is…….!!!

A strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, let go, tries again, & perseveres… no matter what life throws at her.” Always be @ dat strong woman.

In spite of [email protected] – U stood up. In spite of sadness – u cheered up. In spite of da pain – u keep on fighting….! Keep up ur zealous spirits helping u in reaching great heights.

Alwys remember, No 1 izz @s perfect as u r ,Cz u r da bright & shining star !

A sense of pride & delight comes along, 2 have @ frnd who izz so strong, U know dat my wrld izz bright bcz of u ,Jst wanted 2 say , My perfect [email protected], Happy Women’s Day to you!

Woman’s Day Quotes

U r @ frnd, u r @ guide, U make me feel happy & wise. U r @ happy & beautiful soul , U r definitely a fighter 2 reach ur goal. U r a lovely frnd & @ woman.

U have an elegance ven u smile, U r intensely strong all dis while, U emotionally feel da pain vid u being around, nthng goes in vain.

U r @ woman; dat izz ur superpower. Snding u bst vshes on a spcl occasion of International Women’s day.

A strong woman is a woman determined 2 do something othrs r determined not b done.” U r dat strong person 4r me.

Da way u [email protected] us, da knowledge u shared, da love & care u showered, makes u da wrld’s best tcher…

A teacher takes @ HAND, opens @ MIND, & touches @ HEART.

“Da woman who follows Da crowd will usually go no further dan da crowd. Da woman who [email protected] @lone is likely 2 find herself in [email protected] no 1 has ever been b4.”

“Women r leaders evrywer u luk—4rm da CEO who runs @ Fortune 500 company 2 da housewife who raises her children & heads her household. Our country was built by strong women, & v vil continue 2 brkdwn walls & defy stereotypes.”

She values & uses all of her gifts.”

Da word “WOMEN” begins vid “w”as dey r gud @t digging in2 things. Happy International Women’s Day 2020!

Woman shares uniqueness like salt. Her prsnce izz nver given @ttention 2 but her absence makes things tasteless!!! Dedicated 2 all da beautiful ladies on Women’s Day!!!

Hey Girl……!!! Thnks 4r rocking dis wrld vid ur smile.

Men socialize by abusing 1 anthr, but dey never really mean it. Women socialize by complimenting 1 @nother … But dey don’t mean it, ethr.

Woman's Day Quotes

#Behind evry determined lady, there’s @ powerful heart dat makes her #capable to change the #world. She can turn ur goals in2 reality & enlighten ur heart vid da power of#love.

Well b_haved women rarely make #history.

U shld never let ur fears prevent u frm doing dat u know izzz ri8……

Alwys b @ 1st [email protected] version of urself. Instead of @ 2nd rate version of smebdy else…..

Woman’s Day Quotes

A woman is like a tea bag  u never know how #strong she izz until she gets in hot #water…

#Elegance is ven da inside izz as beautiful as #outside….

1 izz not born a woman, 1 becomes 1.

Women r da real #architects of #society….

[email protected] @ woman phenomenally… #Phenomena woman, that’s me….

Well behaved #women #seldom make #history……

V all look up 2 strong, independent women. But how do V b_come 1 ourselves?

It’s easy 2 give in 2 feelings of self-doubt & back down frm challenges. But that’s certainly not vat being a strong woman is all abt.

Here r some inspirational quotes 4r #women by some of da #strongest_women in #history dat will inspire & empower u…

“Ven v do da best v can, v never know vat miracle izz wrote in our #life, or in the #life of #another.

“Life izz not msurd by da nmbr of breaths v take, but by da moments dat take our breath away.”

Being @n intellectual creates @ lot of questions & no #answers. U can fill ur life up vit ideas & still go home lonely. All u really have dat really matters r feelings. Dats vat #music is to me.”

“If u don’t like being a #doormat den get off da #floor.”

Whtevr u do, b different – dat was da advice my mother gave me, & I can’t think of better advice 4r @n entrepreneur. If u’r different, u will stand out.”

A lot of #people are #afraid 2 say vat dey want. Dat’s y dey don’t get dat dey want.”

I know #God will not give me #anything I can’t #handle. I just wish that He didn’t #trust me so much.”

#Life was meant to be #lived. Curiosity must be kept #alive.

Da day will cum when #men will recognize  #woman as his #peer, not only at the #fireside, but in #councils of the #nation

V ask #justice, v ask #equality, v ask dat all da #civil & #political_rights dat belong 2 #citizens of da #United_States, b #guaranteed 2 us & our #daughters_forever.”

“I’ve come 2 #believe dat each of us has a #personal calling dat’s as #unique as a fingerprint – and dat da best way 2 succeed is 2 discover wat u love & den find @ way 2 offer it 2 others in da frm of service, working hard, & also allowing da energy of the universe 2 lead u.”

“It was v, da people; not v, da white male citizens; nor yet v, da male #citizens; but , da whole people, who formed da Union…. Men, der ri8s & nthng more; women, der rights & nthng less.”

“A #strong_woman understands dat da gifts such as #logic, decisiveness, & #strength r jst as #feminine as intuition & emotional #connection. She values & uses all of her #gifts.”

“A woman is the #full_circle. vidin her is da power 2 create, nurture & transform.”

“I want 2 do izz bczz I want 2 #do_it. Women mst try 2 do thngz as men hve tried. Whn dey fail, der failure mst #B but a challenge 2 othrs.”

Jst watch, all of u #men. I’ll show u vat a woman can do…I’ll go across da country, I’ll race 2 da #Moon… I’ll nvr #look_bck.”

“Da bst protection any #woman can have … is courage.”

“V mst #believe dat v r gifted 4r smethng, & dat dis thng, at whtevr cost, mst be #attained.”

“#Success breeds_confidence.”

“Bczz am @ woman, I mst make unusual #efforts 2 #succeed. If I [email protected], no_1 will say, “She doesn’t hve at it takes.” dey will say, “Women don’t [email protected] what it takes.”

“Da way in which we think of #ourselves has evrythng 2 do vid how #our_world see us & how v see ourselves #successfully acknowledged #by_the_world.”

“#Luv is #anterior_2_Life, Posterior 2 #Death, Initial of #Creation, & da Exponent of Earth.”

“Da #question isn’t who’s going 2 let me; it’s who is going to #stop_me.”

“Mst people who meet my #wife quickly conclude dat she izz #remarkable. dey r ri8 abt dis. She is smrt, funny & thoroughly #charming. Often, aftr hearing #her_speak at some #function or working with her on @ project, people vl #approach me & say smethng 2 da effect of, u know, I thnk da #wrld of u, #Barack, but #ur_wife, wow……!!!!!!!!!

“People thnk at da end_of_the_day dat @ man izzz da only #answer [to_fulfillment]. Actually @ job is #better_for_me.”

“If u look at vat u hve in #life, u’ll alwys hve more. If u look at vat u don’t hve in #life, u’ll nvr hve #enough.”

vatevr #women do dey mst do twice #as_well _as #men 2 B #thought half_as_good. Luckily, dis izz not #difficult.

Da mst #common_way people give up der #power izz by #thnkng dey don’t_have_any.”

“1 likes #people much better ven dey’re #battered_down by a prodigious siege of #misfortune dan ven dey #triumph.”

U may encounter many #defeats, but u_must not b defeated. In fact, it may B necessary 2 encounter da defeats, so u can know who u r, vat u can rise 4m, how u can still come_out_of_it.”

Women r nvr #stronger dan ven dey arm demselves vit der #weaknesses.”

Ven 1 door of #happiness_closes, another opens; but often V look #so_long at the #closed_door dat v do not see da 1 which has been opened 4r us.”

Ven u lose @ couple of times, it makezz u realize how #difficult it izz 2 win.”

U take ur #life in ur own_hands, & what happens? @ terrible thng, no 1 to [email protected]

“U move totally away frm reality ven u #believe dat der izz @ #legitimate reason 2 #suffer.”

“Courage izz like @ muscle. We strengthen it by use.”

“Alwys go vit da choice dat scares u da most, bcz dat’s da 1 dat izz going 2 require da most frm u.”

“Stop wearing ur wishbone ver ur #backbone ought 2 be.”

“1 of da most #courageous_things u can do iz #identify urself, know who u r, vat u believe in & ver u wnt 2 go.”

“It_takes a_great deal of courage #stand_up 2 ur #enemies, but even more 2 stand_up to ur #frnds.”

“Taking #joy in living Is @ woman’s_best_cosmetic.”

“Woman mst not accept; she must #challenge. She must not be #awed by dat which has #been built_up around her; she must #reverence dat woman in her which #struggles_for_expression.”

“U can hve #unbelievable_intelligence, u can #have_connections, u can have #opportunities fall out of the #sky. At the end,# hard_work is the true, enduring #characteristic of #successful_people.

“A woman with @ voice izz by definition a #strong_woman. But da search 2 find dat #voice can B #remarkably_difficult.”

“A man’s got 2 do vat @ man’s got 2 do. A #woman must do vat he can’t.”

“We still #live in @ world in which a #significant_fraction of people, including #women, believe dat @ woman belongs & wants 2 belong exclusively in da #home.”

“U have 2have #confidence_in _ur_ability, & den b tough enough 2 follow_through.

1 izz not_born, but rather_becomes, #a_woman.”

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