100+ Best Wtsp status in English 2019

Wtsp status in English: WhatsApp is a popular messaging app which is a Facebook-owned platform where you can chat with one another have fun and also share your thought as WhatsApp status which will remain for 24 hours Whatsapp status is the best way to let out your feelings, here we are providing some best WhatsApp status in english for you, these Engish status are collected from various sources. Si simply copy them and paste on your whatsapp.

Wtsp status in English

Don’t ask of they’ve slept together. Ask if they have made each other laugh…

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Do not waste your time on someone who swears they will Change… but never does. The lies will only get worse as time goes on

Stay with me tonight whispered the moon.. the sun will walk your home in the morning…

Some hearts ache from holding too much hatred mine aches from holding too much love

I miss you every day. But today, it feels like everything I do is just here to remind me I’m living without you

You pretended to care about me and I pretended it didn’t hurt me

Silence has always been my loudest screm

The reason is you… its always been you

Leaving was your choice, letting you go was mine.

Love is hard work and hard work sometimes hurts

The day I will stop loving you is the day when I’ll close my eyes forever

When they need me I am there when I need them nobody is there

I am afraid to be happy because when ever I get too happy something bad happens.

I will not quit until I reach

Time is limited Use it wisely

You can if you think you can

Smile in front of those who hate you. It will kill them.

When a Friend makes a Mistake you should Never forget all the Good thing they have Done for you in the Past

Don’t stop when you are tried STOP when you are DONE

Think positive and positive things will happen

I started treading people how they treat me, now everybody mad at me Imfao.

Stop holding yourself back. If you aren’t happy make a change

To be the beat, you must be able to handle the worst

Don’t be afraid to be different

I believe in using songs to say things

She’s broken because she believed

When you die they won’t remember your car or house. They will remember who you were. Be a good human, not a good materialist

Crying is the only way how your eyes speak when your mouth can’t explain how things made your heart broken……..

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their life…

Don’t go through life, grow through life

At night I can’t sleep. In the morning I can’t wake up.

Just because I’m not dead, doesn’t mean I’m alive.

Stop competing with others. Start competing with yourself

My silence is just another word for pain

If you aren’t doing what you like you are wasting your time.

Every single time I had looked in your eyes, I fall in love a little more than once with you

When the heart is broken, if feels like the whole world is broken too…

I can’t replace you because there is no one like.

All your promises were a lie. I don’t believe you anymore. So don’t come with your I’m Sorry…

And if everyone hates you, remember that all evil hates good.

Choose your memories; don’t let your memories choose you.

Sometimes those people you love are the ones who has th power to hurt you the most…

What comes out of the heart enters the heart. Be real with people

One day you will be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one

 If love blinds you from seeing the faults of the one you love. Then hatred blinds you from seeing the good thing in the one you hate.  

The world is full of viruses and the only antivirus we have that is humanity

In a race don’t ne a rabbit nor a turtle be an ideal racer who can adapt to the situation.

A break up is like a broken mirror it is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it.

Life is too short Don’t waste it reading my whatsapp status…

I hate the feeling when you have to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with

Does she hear my heart beat? It is telling her: I love You Girl!

I am a good enough person to forgive you. But not stupid enough to trust you again!

I don’t want a perfect life, I want happy life

I hate you but I can’t stop loving you

Your attitude may hurt me, But mine can kill you

It’s better to be lonely than to be played by wrong people

What others think of me is none of my business

People that aren’t used to quality, always chase quantity.

Sometimes you have to smile and act like everything is okay hold back the tears and walk away

Your smile is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen

I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life

Work for a cause not for applause. Live life to express not to impress.

Drop the negative attitude and follow the positive

Don’t tell people your dreams, show them

I’m not crazy. Just imaginative

 If you think. I’m bad then you’re wrong. I am the worst

I promise to be by your side forever and for always. I love you Nothing can do us apart.

I cry then I cut, then cry again it never ends.

Trust me when I say I love you because I will always mean it.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Real eyes, Realize, Real lies.

Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen everyday

I know I’m awesome. So I don’t care about your opinion.

Trust no man, fear no bitch!

Being good is also a mistake nowadays people think you are fake.

Sometimes the best relationships begin with friendship

Don’t make excuses make improvements

Believing in your self is the first secret to success

Nobody is perfect! We make mistakes. we say wrong things. We fall we get up we learn we grow we move on we live that is life.

Some times when we talk we repeat what we know…but when we listen…we learn something new…keep sharing

All we need is a couple of cigarettes and cup of coffee

Your standards should be high for both friendship and a romantic relationship.

Be so completely  yourself, so that someone feel scared to be yourself.

Pain you give, the more the high I rise.

Around 8 billion people but all I see is your absence.

A piece of wrapped paper with some tobacco can make me strong when are not here.


I would pay money just to watch you what would I do to touch you.

We all are looking at the same moon but with different mindsets.

If you aren’t happy about what you are doing, don’t stay stuck. Do better.

Make memories not enemies.

Hey you take a deep breathe, you can handle your own challenges

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